August 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Discrimination is a storm cloud,
Forming on the horizon,
It comes to destroy everything in its path,
And nothing will stand in its way,
It takes humanity and turns it into a vile a monster,
Full to the brim with bigotry and hate,
Discrimination takes no survivors,
Discrimination is not discriminating in itself,
That is the irony of this beast,
It lashes out at all no matter what the race or religion may be,
It is hungry, and where it searches it will find nourishment,
It will look in the darkest alleys of the heart,
It will seep into the most enclosed places of the mind
And there it will feast and grow and build in strength,
Discrimination is deadly,
Like all beasts it has an end,
Before its death it will drag many down with it,
It will use every ounce of its strength,
Poisoning minds and hearts,
And it will not leave without a fight,

Will you go down with it?

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