August 18, 2009
By Brandon Byerly SILVER, Lexington, North Carolina
Brandon Byerly SILVER, Lexington, North Carolina
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These shadows of this piercing darkness
Bring upon me my animosity
Flowing tears of discomforting burdens
Show my own realizations.
I have been failing to understand this
And failing this silent communication.
Why am I so ill natured
In these nightmares I wake from?
Times like these habits of hesitation
In dwelling of facts of inferiority
Are the freedoms of my caged soul
And delinquished darkness.
I am the familiar stranger
You forgot about yesterday.
I am so overlooked and
I feel drawn and pushed away
Why is this discomforting laughter
Bringing me down to my knees?
I try to pick myself off the ground
But all I can do is look to the skies
And realize the only way to find a way
Out of this hell is to find a way
To heal from these whispers in the night
Telling me everything won’t be all right.

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