True Love

August 15, 2009
lauren,the,writer,and,photographer. GOLD, Vidor, Texas
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Stand Up For What You Believe In; Even If Your Standing Alone.

Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating your self.

When you say i do; that means i do you and you do me; and we do NObody else.
-Devin Wyman #72,NFLpatriots

Is love real, or is it just a feeling? I thought it was real. After making mistakes with love, im going down a new path. Wide open and free. And now since love has ended, i dont know what to do. Great times, call for desperate measures. Love is just a small word, but meaning a big thing.
You know your in love, when reality is a whole lot better than your dreams. Everyone says love hurts, but at the ending it is just a small jesture, of feelings and hope. Love isnt poems, drawings, or cryptic writing. Its what comes from the heart and soul. Deep down you have a secret, i do to. Dont let it change, or you'll regret it, like i did.

The author's comments:
<3. keep love in motion.

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