Final Break Down

August 17, 2009
By Melissa DiGiovannantonio BRONZE, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
Melissa DiGiovannantonio BRONZE, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
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I’m breaking down, I’m falling apart.
I should’ve known this would happen from the start.
Now the tears they just fall,
And I can’t find the right words to stall.
And the knife cuts so deep in hopes of an end.
Please just forget everything I’ve said.
Everything I’ve felt, everything I’ve done.
I’ll keep it bottled up, as I carefully place the barrel of the gun.
As I’m lying there dead on the floor,
Look into my heart. See how it tore?
In my hand was a note.
Just a little something I wrote.
“All good things will surely come to an end.
I’m not saying I was any good. I’m all pretend.
You thought you loved me, you still think you do.
My mind was overflowing with thoughts of you.
I needed out, I couldn’t take this anymore.
Being alive was too much of a chore.”

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