Ticking clocks with a side order of hair clips

August 17, 2009
By TAMacL BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
TAMacL BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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That's not what i want
but wanting doesn't listen to needing.
And hating doesn't listen to pleasantries.
Mirrors will never reflect what i imagine
and I don't smile when you beg
The sun won't shine because you're alive
And it doesn't respond to pleading cries
Dark and dreary, emotional and weary, doesn't just exist in movies
Dead ends don't lead to new beginnings
and fate doesn't listen to wishes
Nature likes to watch when you fall
and reality laughs along
Fear doesn't make you strong
But strength gets you no where.
What once was strong, wild and erupting with joy,
will eventually become limp, timid, and seek only the worst.
Being safe won't give me satisfaction,
but maybe it will help with my sanity

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