The Loudest Sound

August 15, 2009
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Can you hear the noise? The noise just there?
See now; it causes all to stare!
That deafening roar that pulls you in…
It’s hard to turn back once you begin.
It is not from here nor there at all,
Nor from the waves that rise and fall.
It is not the wind, not even the trees.
‘Tis not the faintly buzzing bees.

It only breaks when someone calls;
when laughter’s heard across the halls.
When people smile and wave hello,
just because you’re someone they know
The noise is sly, and sneaks about
We hear it and are filled with doubt,
Why must we hear this awful sound,
that makes hands to sweat and hearts to pound?

It will not ever go away;
it is on this earth, and there it will stay.
It creeps around from ear to ear.
So loudly there’s nothing else to hear.
How can we fight this, how can we win?
How can we stop the terrible din?
It seems so hopeless, who could believe?
That there IS a way, our minds to relieve!

We must redeem things we once did enjoy,
Whether it be a game, a friend, or a toy.
The world has taken our hearts of clay,
and shaped them in its own cruel way.
That is the reason the noise came around,
but now these are the years we must rebound.
We can lock it away and get rid of its violence.
And never again have to suffer that silence.

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