Life Is A Battle

August 15, 2009
By Mikayla Baer BRONZE, Elmore, Ohio
Mikayla Baer BRONZE, Elmore, Ohio
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Life is a battle,
Full of dreams and heartstrings,
But they are crushed,
And they are pulled,
Pushing you farther back,
Into your deepest thoughts,
Questioning everything,
And anything,
Wondering who,
Or How,
But most importantly, why?

Discovering the you,
The one you didn’t want to know,
But need to,
The one who will affect you for the rest of your life,
Positively or negatively,
It’s your choice on which one,
But the world is a battlefield,
So I ask that you choose positively.

Life is a battle.
And only you can decide who wins.

The author's comments:
The world will get you down, its just what people do, unfortunatly. But those few people who take the high road are only making this place better. Just think of the world if we all took hte high road!

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