August 24, 2009
By joismygoddess BRONZE, Lattingtown, New York
joismygoddess BRONZE, Lattingtown, New York
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Shoulders shrink
Toes stick to the floor
Mouth croaks, dries, tries
Blood rushes, swarms
Eyes sting
Head hangs
Pupils down
Shake, Frown
Never mind
I didn’t care


Remember when you laughed?
The grin you couldn’t shake
Glad of living, glad of life
Sound ringing, sorrows break
The itch to dance
To run, to ride
The sunny eyes, the sweet surprise
Remember when you laughed?

Cheeks bright
Throat tight
Tremble forth
Moan, I might
Shake and sob
Heaving long
Face damp
Eyes wrong
Lips dry
Sorrow’s song


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