So This is What We Get

August 23, 2009
All around you.
Take a look around.
This is the world we have created.
Or rather destroyed.

God gave it.
Down to the last shell.
We took it and ran.
Not a thank you or farewell.

We turned our backs .
And drove away.
In the same car that,
destroys our atmosphere today.

We took it for granted,
And claimed the land.
No we couldn’t share it,
For it was too grand.

We acted without courtesy,
And had battles called wars.
They kill millions,
Over land, sea, and shores.

So this is what we get,
A world full of hate.
gangs, bloodshed, a life,
When God’s closing that pearly gate.

But hey that’s what we get,
When so little could mean so much.
But so little people,
can only offer so much.

So this is what we must live with,
Until mankind wakes up to see.
And all we need is one person,
And that one person is me.

So I’ll try my best,
But I need some assistance.
The only ones who can help me,
Are the ones who won’t listen.

So come round everybody,
Take a stand and band together,
For a world with peace and love.
For your children to grow forever.

So this is what we must live with,
Until our internal alarm clocks coo.
All we need is one person,
And that one person could be you.

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vigilant1 said...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 7:15 am
Whoa! This is powerful....really good work.
kayleefaith replied...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 9:42 am
thanks (: everyones encouragement means so much to me!
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