August 23, 2009
By Aloravana PLATINUM, Wakonda, South Dakota
Aloravana PLATINUM, Wakonda, South Dakota
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I don't care about what people say I don't have time to waste to try to please them.

The life I was granted was tore apart as you took and wore a shredded heart. That heart, it once was mine but now I know that you will tear me apart every singal time. I cannot wait for you to leave and take that putred heart with thee. I will grow and look down as you mourn the loss of me all you have left is nothing but the simple truth that you lost your queen. Can't you feel it the pain that you caused It came back at you 10 times as it was when we crossed. Now you know the burden which I used to bear. The broken peices of love and the desire of hate, now they are mended into one and is now a love for hate. That is what pain is as it burns your eyes, The one you desire and love flies. While you are forced to stay and be nothing but be a veiwer of the garnish and deathly dull sky as your heart cries. Say goodbye to love and say hello to your own personal hell which was sent to destroy you.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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