August 23, 2009
it's coming i can feel it crawling ever so slowly in my mind
it will wait until i slip up and i am unprepared
it will come when i expect it the least then it will be there
to point and laugh at my demise
there it will wait sneaking lurking in my thoughts
coming up with new plans to destroy me
to make everyone i love turn there back on me
to make the world turn against me
to make everywhere i go a living hell for me
then finally when i can't take it anymore
it will have one more trick up
it's sleeve it never directly attack me
no it will me wonder what it is
then it will turn heaven and hell against me
to make me want to die but never able to
then when all of it's trickery is done
just as i am about to die
it will show that it was betrayal all the while
then i close my eyes and bitterly die
Saturday, March 08, 2008

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