Stormy Weather

August 23, 2009
By horseluver14 BRONZE, Chilhowie, Virginia
horseluver14 BRONZE, Chilhowie, Virginia
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With my eyes shut tight,
Curled up on my cot,
I could hear a mouse scurrying across the floor.

I squeezed my eyes firmly closed,
Trying to imagine myself somewhere else.
And I fell off into a light slumber.

A picture of me driving a boat flashed through my mind
I gripped the wheel tightly, trying to see through the rain.
Someone grabbed my shoulder and i turned to look.

His hair was still in the howling winds,
And so was his pure white robe.
His eyes were fixed up ahead and he lifted his hand to point.

I turned my head to look,
And saw a light through the rain.
I then noticed how the storm clamed but didn't stop.

I expected that the man would leave me now,
But he stared straight ahead,
Seeming to be frozen amidst the storm.

Fear swept ovefr me as the light disappeared,
But he reassurred me by squeezing my shoulder.
My fear vanished in an instant and peace swept over me.

Then he looked at me and everything quieted as he said,
"Have no fear. Though there are obstacles up ahead and the goal is unclear, I am with you always."

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