Music of Life

August 23, 2009
My body pulses to the rhythm
as if it were automatic,
my arms dance around me without notice.
My eardrums hear nothing
save the beat that seems to be going somewhere.
I lose myself
in its journey.
I feel the music. I live the music.
And in a second it’s gone.
My eardrums hear, simply, nothing.
Where is that feeling of being lost somewhere else?
I feel alone. Is this what reality feels like? I hate it.
I’m cold, I’m alone.
That rhythm
that jive
the tapping in my toes,
it helps me forget that I belong to something else.
A different journey, a different reality.
The beat is still there
with someone else,
but it leaves me alone.
I can’t feel the music, but I long to.
I long for the music of life.
Who doesn’t want to live?

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