Acoustic Heartstrings

August 23, 2009
By S.O.Sunder GOLD, Fish Haven, Idaho
S.O.Sunder GOLD, Fish Haven, Idaho
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This relationship of ours has been fairly long,
But throughout the whole thing you’ve been wrong
So now we must part unless, and only unless,
You give a purpose to my apparent distress.

Yes, you most certainly heard me right,
To win my heart again you must unite
The musician’s skill with a dog’s nasty bite
And make pleasant music as you pluck
My heartstrings so all who listen are thunderstruck.

You’ve always made my mood swing
In a way similar to giving and taking a golden ring,
But now you must give it rhythm to the heartstring
And keep a beat like Lil Wayne or Kanye West
So my suffering will have a little zest
And you no longer have worry about constant protest.

If you need help, a suggestion I can give you,
Instead of using your fingers as your only venue
Use a violin’s graceful bow or a guitar’s sturdy pick
To play my heartstrings in a method mythic
Like Mozart or some other melodic maverick.

Exactly what pick you use I don’t care
Whether it’s a pleasant present or a living nightmare,
Just make it a harmony worthy of names like Dante
And play, darn you, play!

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