The Sea Palace

August 23, 2009
Underneath a sheer blanket
Of aquamarine,
Soaring and silver,
Sharks watch the sky become tangerine
And exotic wonders
Lurk in a vivid, violet palace
As the clumsy, blundering tide rolls
In a desperate attempt to maintain its balance

Gold rays leak from the distant, faraway sky
Without a touch of travesty
Vibrant scarlet, neon carrot, frazzle dazzle rose,
And Purple Mountain’s majesty
Fishes cascade
Through the outstretched, orange arms of coral
Silver sharks bear a snow-white, mischievous grin
Without moral

Orange, black, and white,
Clownfish, cower in their anemone cocoons
The balmy touch of their anemone homes
Shields them from the tyrant leaders, the shark tycoons
An azure kingdom
Glows deep below
Friendly and amiable, majestic mullets
Use their smooth flippers to wave hello

Purple piranhas
Ferociously scour the sea
Rainbow scales
Envelop each fish’s glistening bod-y
Emerald seaweed boas
Dance in the rich, indigo tide
The wavering waves will never cease to crawl across the ocean
And can never subside

Jubilant jellyfish bounce and hop in the crystal water
And rise to a ballerina-pink crest
Glimmering guppies
Glide in an indigo fo-rest
Soaring and silver,
Sharks watch the sky become tangerine
Underneath a sheer blanket
Of aquamarine

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