August 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Why wake up this morning
It’s just like every single day
Breathe a part of you in
Wish final verdicts could be changed
And though the face remains the same
The reflection fades to grey
And still I fear your footsteps
Pacing everywhere I go
Particles of you are the only things I know
You’re in the keys, the chains, the bars
You’re in the melting snow
You’re in the cold cold concrete
Bones as stark as my heart
Everything I touch, I know you are a part
So I guess it was you, who showed up in the test
What’s dead is gone, why are you bothered
Your pain has been laid to rest
Still there are particles on my fingertips
As I hold them to my head
There are particles of you
Drumming through my head
There are particles of you
Writhing in my bed
There are particles of you in every god damn f***ing word I’ve said
The particles dripping from my hands are dripping red



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