The Reality Is Fierce

August 23, 2009
By Larissa Barkley SILVER, Nashua, New Hampshire
Larissa Barkley SILVER, Nashua, New Hampshire
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Alone, ever alone.
but somehow never lonely,
the fear that strikes at every beat of my heart
the sound of my worries running 'round in my head
these are the things that keep me from loneliness
people come and try to talk to me
but i run away in fear
fear that someone might just see
how much i am hurting underneath
fear that this facade might shatter
like my heart once did
fear that I will no longer be hidden
from the world and their malicious thoughts
earth, such a name for such hell
nobody thought it would be as it is
but look about you! its plain to see
the horror that corrupts our children
innocence has become the trademark of the young
yet youth has lost it's appeal
so hurried to grow up
to prove you have what it takes
well my son and daughter,
i myself have not what it takes
to brave the force of hatred
to look upon the destitute and turn away in fright
I cannot take this gruesome world
that fills my mind with thoughts of worthiness
the doubts that crowd me day and night
are written on my stone-like heart
always comparing
always judging
is it not the most high's duty to judge?
somewhere along the road of despair
we have forgotten why we are truly here
why we are not simmering in the lake of fire
why we are not tasting the full vengeance of the fallen angel's wrath
fallen angel, such an oxymoron
that an angel would be fallen is just unheard of
but then when did morality become the weaker choice?
when did the full corruption take place
why did we let it happen
we sat there, unreproached, watching the culture fall
young now days watch their backs
for fear they might be torn
teenagers are considered uncool if they have not scars upon their wrists
or color in their hair that covers the secret to their heart
the eyes, oh the eyes, the all seeing thing
the thing that, though covered, still can observe
observe the world and it's falling
observe the nation ignore its calling,
arrogance is fatal
yet even the head chief has got it.
why do we try to put up with all of this?
why should we try to save a dying generation
let them die, but foremost one thing I ask of you
let them take my life the first.

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