I long

August 23, 2009
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I long to write of sacred things,
I long to make a tear be shed,
I long to move one person to the point of redemption,
I long to make my presence known,
I long to be remembered,
I long to just once, be desired for what I am,
I long to be contented,
I long to be who I say I am,
I long to be important,
I long to significant,
I LONG to for once, not be called "that girl", or "you"
I long to have a passion,
I long to be simple again,
I long to have a trusted friend,
I long to be unique,
I long to be different from the ones who roam around me,
I long to make my mark on the world,
I long to tell my story,
I long to make you wonder,
I long to hear your thoughts,
I long to be a prodigy,
I long to be special,
For all these things I long, and more,
alas none can be true,
for I am just a servant girl,
designed to wait on you,
never will I seek the morrow,
never will my love be true,
for my heart is filled with sorrow,
a sorrow one cannot undo,
I will never be a prodigy,
nothing more than a pebble in your shoe,
for I am just a servant girl,
destined to wait on you.

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