I love you

August 22, 2009
By Anonymous

I don’t buy it, but don’t mind at all.
You’re behind it, but I take the fall.
The way you look,
The you I yearned,
The lessons lost,
The lessons learned.
The thought that you would ever return…

If you don’t need me, don’t have me at all.
Because when you bounce back, I always catch the ball.
I don’t have you now,
I had you then,
The thought of how
To have you again,
I need you back,
Please tell me when I can.

I lost my safety when I lost your touch.
Never, did I think that I could love so much.
The way you laugh,
The way you cry,
Without your love,
I slowly die,
To say I don’t need you is a lie.
Such a lie.

Should I have believed you –?
When you said you don’t love me anymore,
I don’t perceive to, if I have to at all.

Such a bad dream, someone wake me please,
All these flashbacks come to me with ease.
It’s not your fault,
It’s not your war,
And half the time-
We’re fighting for…?
I need you bad,
But you want more.

Can you see me, I need you to know,
As much as I love you, I’d die to let you go.
No missing you,
No anxiety,
Oh kissing you-
It does to me-
The worst of things,
You cant feel or see.

I don’t trust you, not one bit at all,
And I tried to; again, it’s not your fault,
I try to fight,
My insecurity,
But in the end,
It tends to be-
A broken heart,
And only me.

I combined it, the mix of fear and pain,
And I brought you, along with all the rain.
Drown in my tears,
But don’t let me go,
I need you here,
I’ll have you know,
With you is the only-
Place I’ll grow.

You without me, doesn’t clear the air,
Just because you doubt me, doesn’t mean it fair.
I held your hand,
Through everything,
A love so grand
And more to bring,
You have me on
The longest string.

I’m in love with you, you’re my god per say,
What would I do if that went away?
If it’s close to now,
I’m dying fast,
The time has gone,
And turned to past,
My future is –
Just what you asked
Of me.

No I can never leave you,
Are you trying to kill my small self esteem?
Baby without you,
I will never live my dream.
Please don’t pretend you
Feel nothing at all.

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