She's not even that pretty

August 22, 2009
By HIPPO22 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
HIPPO22 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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She's not even that pretty,

but then I look again,

and the beauty within her, from what I can see ,

and from what only I can see, is more beautiful then words can describe,

she is to me timeless beauty, a symbol of true love, and a piece of the purest diamond without a price tag,

I gaze, I stare, I am at AWE.

The longer her vision is in my presence...

the more I...(inexplainable)

she's what gives me faith,

like I have something to grasp onto after all,

and I find out there is meaning.


The memories are more than skin deep,

it has penetrated the heart and soul,

each single cell & atom has implanted itself with the influences of her

every muscle, every vein, every tissue has shifted/ shaped/ modified itself accordingly to her.


She's not even that pretty,

and that's why she is the most beautiful

The author's comments:
Inspired by a picture of my Ex-girlfriend.
Hopefully this can make one remember the good times in one's relationship even though the worst has happen. Remember the good times and treasure every moment.

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