Ever and Never Changing

August 22, 2009
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What is it in the sky?
What is it in the air?
What's different about today,
That reminds me life's not fair?

What is it in the water?
Or in the clouds that hide the light?
What is it 'bout today,
That says I am alone tonight?

What is different from today,
Then from the gloomy days of late?
What is happening in secret,
that reveals a saddened fate?

Why is this day consuming,
every emotion I have left?
Every pain, every hope,
Every anger or happiness...

This one day is making,
Every movement a pain,
Why is today so saddening,
When on other days it rained?

Today seems different from the rest,
And yet... framiliarity,
Today is really no different from the rest,
It is just another day withough you near to me

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