August 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Calligraphy ink,
a black sea of doubt,
filling the world's empty spaces.
Rapid sunshine,
bright rain,
keeping the discord of pain.
Working it out,
yet keeping the peace,
making more Bloody Sundays.
Democratic skies,
filled with Totalarian fog,
confusing a mindless people.
Hopes and dreams,
clouded by ambition,
seep away,
like time in the sea.
Shootong stars are vain,
priding in worldly things,
idolizing vicious greed.
Melodies of grief,
rising from black,
thickly expressing their sorrow.

The author's comments:
Our world is a sad, terrifying place, we are all so caught up with ourselves, that we don't even care about the rest of the world. Our nation is so blind, that we take for granted all of the things we have, that we believe that we deserve, like cellphones, computers, three meals a day. I have lived in a third world country, and i know for a fact, that some people have to fight to get one half of a meal a day.

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