Stranded MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   StrandedMy eyes filled with tearsI love themwere they ever coming back?5helplessalonemy racing heart poundedSCARED!!I look side to sideno familiar faceswaitingpacing as the clockticksSCARED!!Crying thinking as my life with themflashedin front of me!It will all be over.No one to care for methe clock ticks againSCARED!!Thinking of how many hours arepassingwondering!Who will come for me?More and more timeFLYINGSCARED!!UNTIL ...a beautiful sunshine walks through the doorMY MOM!!!!I ran to herhugged herkissed herI was not scared any more!Hey five minutes is a lotFORONLY BEINGFIVE!!by Maria Nunziato, Williamsville, NY

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