Pending Fate

August 22, 2009
By A.N.Whitfield BRONZE, Eastanollee, Georgia
A.N.Whitfield BRONZE, Eastanollee, Georgia
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Don’t be fooled by this human form
Its only a superficial mask
My cut soul is within the depths
I’m wine in the cask
Only the aging process
Draws me closer to slipping
Into a darker place wherein
Is a giant wolf sleeping
Seems like only yesterday
The moon cried down
And I may have learned to swim
But I nearly drowned
I expect there’s a hungry fate
With hungry teeth to extort
Waiting to consume my form
And put its own plan forth
Being sane hurts more
Than anyone can ever see
Dressing wounds is cumbersome
But self-destruction is easy
They’ll all see the product
They’ll all push away
But sometimes that’s how
Your pain is displayed
Morals seem to crumble
Love seems to whither
I can only hope to be saved
From myself hither
I hear the love in me crying
I hear the hate in me growling
I’ll decide which to feed
When I hear that wolf howling

Cries for help are subtle...
Often never heard in time...
Before someone’s fate is sealed...
In a whispered, whimpered rhyme...

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