war;;and how i think about it

August 22, 2009
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I think about...the Iraq war.
I wonder...if the world will be in peace someday.
I hear...battle cries from soldiers in my sleep.
I see...someone I love dying in battle,fighting for our freedom.
I want...this all to come to an end.
I think about...the Iraq war.

I pretend...to hide my tears thorugh my pain.
I feel...there's a better way to solve this problem.
I touch...many hearts who read this poem.
I worry...that one day ill lose somebody close to me.
I cry...when I see someone giving their life to god to make our country be in peace.
I think about...the Iraq war.

I understand...what they're fighting for.
I say...thank you to those who devote their lives for me and many others.
I dream...the world comes to an understanding with Iraq. (And any other war territories.)
I try...to do all i can to help.
I hope...the United States of America is finally in peace someday.
I think about...the Iraq war.

*Just a little thanks,to all the veterans who tried to make our country at peace years ago. And to the ones who are fighting now. Some have their battle scars. But for many others,we can no longer see their battle scars:for they have the biggest scars of all. A devoted life for freedom.

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