Proud MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   ProudSpeaking outI raise my voiceAt the speed of a chemical reactionAttention becomes directed my wayGasps of amazementSneak outFrom the opened-mouthed crowdeyes return to normal positions in their socketsI tell it like it is: The unfairness of the circumstancesBut I learn quickly by facial expressionsThe crowd does not want to understand my viewsAlone in the spotlightI feel its scorching heat and painI continue to fightOur difference in opinionBroad as speaking two different languagesBlank faces with complete and utter confusionSuccess races through my mindFor I know I have not crossed the finish line in this raceOnly a few feet from the starting gateI was taken outI know failure only comes to those who quitAnd that is one groupThat I am proud not to be a member ofby Amanda Freedman, New City, NY

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