Can't Wait

August 21, 2009
By (*!KissinintheRain!*) SILVER, Tennesse Colony, Texas
(*!KissinintheRain!*) SILVER, Tennesse Colony, Texas
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It's empty.
The Cafeteria that me and my friends skipped through on sunny days.
The place we we're confined to on rainy ones.
Fourth table from the door, all the way down.
We "owned" those seats.
Sometimes the preps would get brave and come sit by us,
but no worries.
We eventually got so loud that they moved permanently.
The place where friendships were constructed and demolished.
Between ice fights and real fights,
we fell in love with that overpopulated building.
But it's empty now and has been for months.
It longs to have us back.
To consume us with its haunting and sometimes tragic memories.
Just like an expectant kindergardener.

It can't wait for the first day of school.

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