August 22, 2009
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She came by last year.
Crying, begging for attention.
She was wearing a wretched dress embroidered with love and happiness.
A blinding halo was concealing her innocent pupils.
She looked poor, miserable but happy.
I said go away, I have no time for you right now,
I got to go get ready for people to admire me.
She said she wanted to share her beauty.
I laughed and told her she looked awful.
She bowed and tried to wipe the dirt off my feet
I said go away I, don’t need a servant.
She called my name, and smiled at me;
I eyed her and sent her away.
She lifted her hands and asked me to follow her.
To where, I said? Poverty and misery?
With a wicked laugh, I ordered her to leave.
She left and never came back.
Here I am a year later waiting for her return…
She won’t come, I realize that.
Why hope for a stranger’s return when,
I already pushed away the only glow of true happiness from my life.

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bday said...
Sept. 2, 2009 at 6:31 am
go girl nice one!
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