June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Love is a feeling,
a feeling that I've never felt before,
something that I've never experienced,
my parents never showed me that,
I say it but don't know the real meaning,
what is love,
how does it feel to be loved by someone,
how does it feel to love someone and know its real,
my heart burns with hate and anger,
not bursting with love and joy,
my heart has been hurt to many times to love,
the love was beat out of me long ago,
how do I get the love back,
what do I do,
all I need right now is love,
love, what is it?

The author's comments:
People go everyday not knowing what love feels like. I didn't know till I met my boyfriend because my dad left and my mom is an alcoholic. But I found out that you need love in your life to make you whole!

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