The New Friends

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Shes the outsider of her family and with the kids at school

but what she longs for so desperatly is just to be "cool"

Shes thinks this is impossible until she meets her new friend,

she calls herself Mary Jane and promises to be there til the end.

For the next couple months "mary" consumes all her time,

and while they are together everything seems to be just fine.

Then one day mary introduces her to her friends, heroin and coke,

after one nite with them she relizes this is no longer a joke.

After that night her life begins to spin way out of control,

just a few simple mistakes and now shes paying the toll.

She wants to get off this crazy ride but simply just dont know how,

a little thing called addiction is starting to set in now.

Instead of getting help she starts spending more and more time with her friends.

one night they were together to long and that was the same night her life ends.

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