The Real Criminal MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   He lumbers into the warm and dank room and carefully adjusts his costlysuit,
He cautiously walks down the narrow aisle like a circusperformer
walking the tightrope.
He slowly eases into his woodenchair,
The jarring sound of the gavel cracking on the wood is heard throughoutthe courtroom,
The criminal, whom the lawyer is defending, has molested andphysically abused his own
The man stands up courtly and calls hisfirst witness,
He speaks in a very declarative and persuasive manner,
Thejury is so moved that they do not have to make a decision.
He smiles with adevilish grin.
He sits down and smugly and wallows in his own filth,
Withinmoments the verdict is announced.
"Not guilty," declares thejudge,
Just a minuscule victory in his drawn-out life,
Repeatedly, sinfulmen have been acquitted,
The numerous deceptive and dishonest prevaricationscorrupt his purest component,
He questions his moral values,
He becomescynical and distrusts everyone and everything,
The mask is removed,
Realitypainfully wounds him,
He becomes lost and cannot distinguish himself from thecriminals he defends.

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