Down To It....

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Last night I was lying on my bed,
Trying hard to clear my head.
I have to make a tough choice,
I thought I had lost my voice.
I was being split between two,
I just wanted to sleep for a few.
But my head was to confused,
I was starting to feel abused.

The next day however,
Was unfortunetely no better.
I heard the news that I couldn't bare,
And it made me want to rip out her hair.
The girl that used to be my friend,
Had apperently wanted it all to end.
I got notice of what she said,
But I couldn't get it to my head.
A tramp?
I thought.
That couldn't be me,
I honestly just couldn't see.
Then I heard who else she called that,
And I realized it had to be a fact.
On the outside I must have looked mad,
But on the inside I was really just sad.
She must not have known it,
But that's what did it.
A piece of me clicked,
Then I was ticked.

In the end when you realize whats best,
You let go of the bad and take care of the rest.
You live in the now,
Not the past, future, or how.
You love the ones that mean a lot,
And forget the ones that do not.
You don't hold grudges,
They just bring you down.
And when it comes down to it all,
Everything else is honestly small.

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