Hanging By A Moment

May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

This girl, scared of the world refuses to unfold
Dwelling in her past memories, the feeling is cold
She wished there was another way
For these painful feelings to go away
Her waves of long brown hair hung down her back
Covering in shame all her secrets left in black
Oh she was untrue, there were many mistakes
That she made not understanding, but hoping for whatever it takes
If only there was a light, if only her hopes
And dreams could shine so bright
She needs someone to help her understand
Why all sorts of things have happened, and there’s no one to take a stand
All that yearns inside,
Is for someone to comprehend and not push her aside
She feels in her, the devastating realization
That she will be all alone, regardless of where she lives in this nation
You can’t explain what you can’t explain
It’s something that is only understood through pain
But a wish and hope for something right
Somewhat to make her feel like she’s alright
Upon her sight bestows, this caring eye to which she inside allows
The moment was filled with silence and awe
A feeling so different in which she sees no flaw
The time has come, for her fears and pain to be gone
She places her deepest essence on his hand
Which he must now keep as he enters another land
Maybe this is it,
It’s the moment when you can’t look back and quit
She takes this one risk, she can’t resist
As he keeps in his hand what she used to be.

The author's comments:
I kinda just wrote this on the spot, I don't know but I like how it turned out

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