Too Young

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Tears streak my cheeks
As the little plus sign glares at me.
How could this happen?
All for one night of passion.
Seventeen and pregnant!
So typical, almost laughable.
We’re too young,
We’re too young

Your heart beats for me,
Your baby girl with eyes of blue.
For the past month,
I have been growing inside of you.
Your voice is all I hear,
Your body is all I have,
Please keep me safe mommy,
Someday I want to hold your hand.

A little baby with little toes and a little nose.
I’m not ready for this.
I’ve worked so hard, and come so far…
College is coming up in the fall,
How can we make it through?
He seems so sure we’ll be okay,
God, help me, I don’t want to throw this life away.
We’re too young,
We’re too young.

Daddy cries when you’re together.
I can hear him in this dark abyss.
He really wants me around,
But convincing you is hard right now.
I’ll be a good little girl
If you let me stay.
Mommy, I thought you loved me,
Please don’t make me go away.

He thinks that love is all we need,
But it’s not that black and white.
He’ll be in one place, I’ll be in another…
Could he be a father, could I be a mother?
I don’t know if love is enough,
But maybe we weren’t meant to give up.
We’re too young,
We’re too young.

Birth Announcements

Jada Lynn
January 15, 2010
8lbs, 6oz-21 inches

The author's comments:
This poem is a two-verse poem between a mother and an unborn child. In the box above, it was unclear that that in my original, the stanzas were on opposite sides and each person (mom and baby) represented two different fonts.

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Sunshineyday said...
on Aug. 22 2009 at 2:32 am
Don't sweat the formatting, It happens to me all the time - besides, I get what you were trying to do. Very good poem. Triggers mental picture really well. you seem like a great story teller.

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