May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

And there she’s goes.
Another knife, another cut.
Each one worse than the one before.
With a whisper to herself, she cries.
Drowning in her tears.
She picks up the knife and does it again
But how deep do you go till its real?
She thinks if she can bleed she’ll know she’s alive.
She’s searching for nothing. Just herself.
And with her last breath, she lets out her thoughts, everything.
Her spirit now gone her body on the ground.
And there she goes...

The author's comments:
so, when i was going through a hard time i wrote this about my life and such. i felt what i was doing was right, i know now i needed help and i got it. please, if you're doing what i was, get help. don't be scared. "wake up. your alive. we're on your side." -TWLOHA

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