Another Set of Poems

May 20, 2009
By JonnehTsunami BRONZE, Harmonsburg, Pennsylvania
JonnehTsunami BRONZE, Harmonsburg, Pennsylvania
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A Promise

I beg for retribution
Plead for it, but alas
Society precludes me always
Always accosted by society
Affliction is but a second away
Oh how I wish it would all subside
Recoil, terminate; all is futile in the end
Some say I am impalpable of my emotions
Apathetic you could say
But nevertheless
I will get my revenge
In my dark, gloomy and unresponsive way
I promise you that

Trust Someone

I feel their eyes
Slowly searching for a sign
A sign of weakness
Something to exploit
I feel alone
Everyone is after me
You could be the enemy
No one left to trust
Just me alone
This is not a way to live
Fearful of what is next
Someone has to be there
Everyone is after me
You could be the enemy
I have to give a chance
Show just a little

The Assassin

My fate is sealed
Someone is coming
I accept this end
He is a man
Cloaked in black
Master of stealth
Never missed a target
She is a woman
Cold and bitter
Controls all the world powers
A greedy, concided b****
I sit here
Writing my last words
Any moment now
And I am gone
On the window sill
I watch my prey
She writes something
My arrow ready

Two Voices

When words are to much to say
But to little to ignore
What do you do
If you choose to say something
How do you say it
And why do you want to say it
What will they say about you saying it
Did you make the wrong choice
Or was it the right thing to do
If you choose not to say it
Your only problem is regret
Why did you choose not to say it
What would of happend if you said it
Was it the right choice
Maybe you never thought about it
And you moved to fast
And if so
Do you think you did that right
The only problem with this situation is that
There is never a right or wrong choice
And if you try to find the answer
Before you make a choice
You will never find it

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