Dear Friend

May 20, 2009
Dear Friend,

Why are you being such a fool?
I can’t believe you, it’s not cool.
Why did you have to start to smoke?
When I’m around you I want to choke.

I can’t even look at you; you’ve turned into a thug.
You were the captain of our basketball team.
You used to enjoy life and have ambitious dreams.
You have immense potential, why cut yourself short?
You’ll be out of breath, with no chance of being the queen of the court.
You think fitting in has to do with looking the part.
It doesn’t, you should know that, you are smart.

I miss you, friend, please put this recklessness to an end.
Get rid of the cigarette so we can make amends.
You’ve got real friends who love you: sober and clean.
I don’t know why chose to turn into a smoking teen?
Your actions affect the people around you,
I miss you, please stop I know you can make it through.

When you’re ready, I’ll be here.
It hurts to think I looked up to you.
You’re a special individual, leader, student, and friend
I don’t want your future to come to a crashing end.
I miss you but until you realize what’s right,
I’ll continue to worry at night if you’re alright.
Right now you’re just a bad influence in my life,
So next time you smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs, please think twice.


Your Friend

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 23, 2009 at 5:34 pm
i wish every teenager would write a letter like this when their friends were messing up! wow, this is very sincere and filled with so much heart. i love the content, and the formatting is very clever :) all around a great piece.
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