August 21, 2009
By Alexandra Swanson BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Alexandra Swanson BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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Why does the rose sit and wait?
Waiting for others to decide its fate?
If a rose could indeed scream
Would it not say "I have a dream"?
Would it not shout its thoughts to the sky?
And yet- why?
Why does the rose not get up and run?
Its snake-like tendrils embracing the sun
Why does it not divine thoughts so sweet?
Nor decide for itself what end it should meet?
What force has decided the rose was a rose?
That flowers have roots and humans have toes
Does the rose not deserve a fair chance as well?
Or does a soul-less existence condemn it to hell?
Does a rose feel pain or does it simply not care?
You tell me whether this seems to be fair

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