Big Joke

August 20, 2009
It all started with that first hello
But little did I know
That every conversation would brighten my day
I wish there could be some other way
You used to say you liked me for me
And now we don't even speak
If you could just tell me what I did wrong
You wouldn't have to hear from me again
I guess everyone was right all along
Whe they said you'd just leave me with a broken heart to mend
It irritates me how your with someone new
But I know there is nothing I can do
You never reply to my messages when I say hi
But then again you never even told me goodbye
From day one you've been messing with my head
But this is the worst yet
For now I drag myself out of bed
Knowing my dream was not met
Talking to you was one big joke
Because no as I check my pillow, its all soaked
I thought you'd be the last person to make me feel this
Obviously my asumption was not right
Just being able to talk to you is what I truely miss
Just as a friend before all this big mess
It seems that this is just a test
And one day you will come back to me
But I know this will never be
And now you leave me alone to cry
Having to cover it up with a lie

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