Forever Tree

August 20, 2009
By AlyssaSayBam BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
AlyssaSayBam BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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you're here; next to me.
your hand is in mine,
and there is a tree
as we rest our backs against it
you make me laugh
and i am reminded again of why i am here
and how hard i am falling for you.
we are there for hours or minutes or days
no one can be sure
but as we are leaving,
you look up at the growing leaves and say
this will forever be our tree

I'm here; next to you
my hand is in yours
and there is a tree
there's laughing and talking
and smiling
there's blushing and kissing
and places where i don't even know what to say
all under the summer leaves
of our forever tree

we're back, again.
we hold hands, but only out of habit.
our smiles are forced
and the talking turns to quiet arguments.
the leaves fall.
it all seems like deja vu
we know we need something new
but we cant stand to leave our forever tree.

its over
its done
as you walk away from me
i look up at the snow
and down at the ground
i whisper
I'm sorry
but not to you
to our forever tree.

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