August 20, 2009
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What can i say today
I guess tomorrows another day
but hey, as far as it goes
weve taken one step
but leaped back to yesterday
howd i know it would work out this way

Oh, Today and you expect me
not to worry, you already told me
well im telling you
that i dont know what to do

and we take one step forward
and two steps back
do you expect me to hide in a sack
while you leave me today,
as far as it goes might as well ship back to yesterday

and one of these days
ill be taking one step forward
with you two steps back
and ill never look back
hey, i guess life works out that way,
because yesterday is my today
and i thank god its today.

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Jessica S. said...
Aug. 23, 2009 at 3:12 pm
thasz real qewd. exactly what im tryinq to do rite now (:
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