August 20, 2009
By Anonymous

I'm fallin' to fast for me to handle;
I'm crashin' and i can't save myself;
I'm breaking but it doesn't seem to matter anymore;
I try but i cry every time you come around;
I just can't seem to save me from myself;
I'm burning and the flames just get hotter when your around;
You're like an overdose to me ;
I just can't get away from you;
I'm to weak to fight it anymore;
I'm broken and i'll never fix myself;
And don't know exactly where i'll be but I can't be here anymore;
So i'll run as fast as I can to get away and not even move an inch;
Cause I trapped here and can't escape from the hold placed on me;
I can't escape from my self
Can't save me from myself and it's all because of you;
You're diving me crazy;
Just like a drug;
I can't even stand to be myself.

The author's comments:
I wrote it about my dad. After my parents got divorced it seem like every time my dad came around it seemed like my world crashed and couldn't catch myself. Soon this feeling took over and it felt like i wasn;t the one living my life. I hope this shows how important it is to control your own life no matter how strongly you feel.

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