August 20, 2009
I'm fallin' to fast for me to handle;
I'm crashin' and i can't save myself;
I'm breaking but it doesn't seem to matter anymore;
I try but i cry every time you come around;
I just can't seem to save me from myself;
I'm burning and the flames just get hotter when your around;
You're like an overdose to me ;
I just can't get away from you;
I'm to weak to fight it anymore;
I'm broken and i'll never fix myself;
And don't know exactly where i'll be but I can't be here anymore;
So i'll run as fast as I can to get away and not even move an inch;
Cause I trapped here and can't escape from the hold placed on me;
I can't escape from my self
Can't save me from myself and it's all because of you;
You're diving me crazy;
Just like a drug;
I can't even stand to be myself.

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