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August 20, 2009
By Nayla SILVER, Pittsburg, California
Nayla SILVER, Pittsburg, California
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Crying in my pillow seems like a regular thing now.
My face never feels a smile, but always a frown.
One thing I depend on when im down, is my pillow to block out my crying sounds.

While crying in my pillow much stress is relieved.
Comfort & care is all I receive, when crying in my pillow the tears built up in me.

Where the pain and hurt is coming from the pillow doesn't care.
It lets me know it's my friend and it will always be there.
It's where I Laugh, cry, and even wgere I swear.
The pillow won't fret upon how I walk, talk, or what I wear.

With so much judgement in the world today, you need a friend you know will always stay.
Who won't judge you by the way you look, but a friend that you can lean on while reading a book.

I've found mine, and don't plan on giving it up anytime soon, the pillow of emotion can take me all the way to the moon....

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Hey, my name is Janaella and writing is my passion.

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