Kebler River MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

There he saw a small black pebble, a future held within
Of beauty, love, and health, he saw but where was he to begin?
This small piece of pure black coal, this old rock pushed, pressed, tossed, and
tumbled around.
Was built all under the pressures of life, for thousands of years until this night.
For he saw his coal was no longer black and old, for now she is translucent, pure,
shimmering, and young, yet, still jagged on the edges.
Perfection is now the key, for she could puncture the deepest love he could give to
So he knew only nature could change her outer core.
So he went on letting nature take its course.
He the river, she the diamond, washed away the remainder of the misfortuned days.
Then introduced her to his happiness, his care, his faithfulness, and his always
being there.
He hides her away safe and warm, in the highest mountain, the deepest pool, from
the rain, the snow, the sand, the wind, and all the unhappiness anyone could give.
The diamond stays tucked away into the river's arms.
There they stay in love for always between the earth and the sun.
They'll never give up and never, never fall out of love.

by Taffy O. D., Manchester, NH

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