Lover Like You

August 20, 2009
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Do you remember the day
you first said you loved me?
It was a cold night in November.
We were watching a movie but
we couldn’t pay attention to it because we
were with each other.
I was in your arms and they held me tight.
Then our lips met and our hearts were
beating as one.

Now when you put your arms
around me, it doesn’t feel right anymore.
I can hardly look you in the eyes.
When I touch your face, I feel that cold
November day again.
Something about you changed but
I wish I knew what.
I don’t want us to fall apart and
I wish you could see what I feel.

I’m over your blue eyes,
I don’t see myself in them anymore.
It’s like they stare right through me
and you don’t even know that I’m alive.
I’m over the way you touch my skin,
it doesn’t tingle when you touch me anymore.
When you snuggle with me, instead of
talking to me, you snore instead.
Your voice isn’t the beautiful song that it use
to be.

I can’t say
I love you anymore.
Because it doesn’t feel right anymore.
My heart wants to say goodbye.
But it the same time, it can’t handle being broken.
When I cry at night, you put your arms around me
and hold me tight as you dry my eyes.
My heart screams because I don’t know what to do
with a lover like you.

So I try to work it out,
I pray that it can.
I try to hold on because
I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone
who loves me like you do.
I hope you can see the situation.
Hoping that you keep the promises that
you made me.
I hope you realize how I feel
because I don’t know how much more ache
my heart can take.

At first it hurts because when I talk to you,
you barely hear a word I say and it hurts.
Then you take the pain away by putting your
lips on mine.
I feel like I know you again.
But I have to see reality.
I know we can’t stay like this forever.
I don’t know what to do because
my hearts tells me to go,
but my mind tells me I need you.

Then that fateful day comes,
you asks me what’s wrong.
I want to say everything that I’ve been
keeping from you.
That I’m over your eyes and
your skin but the words won’t exit my mouth.
So I just give you this note that says
I don’t know what to do
with a lover like you.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the song "With a Love Like You " by Sweetbox. I listened to it and thought it was amazing. There are some lines of the song included in the poem and it's kind of alike.

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