Luke's Story

August 20, 2009
By unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Its been a while since
I thought about how we began
You reminded me
As you held onto my hand.

You said "We were little
When we first met
Don't even remember...
How old were we again?

We used to chase each other around
In the church court yard
You'd yell 'catch me, catch me!'
Catching you wasn't that hard

I had a crush on you but everything was a secret
When we turned ten
I wouldn't dare tell you how I felt
Not even when

I learned you were leaving
But I couldn't show my hurt
I thought I'd never see you again
That made me feel worse.

We hardly kept in touch at all
Maybe a letter or two
I thought about you all the time
Always on my mind was my last day with you

The summer we were 13
You came back changed
We hung out a little
You were different yet the same

The summers repeated just like that
Year after year
But my feelings had not changed
I still held you dear.

Summer of ཅ
was different somehow
You came to see me
And it was.. wow

You told me you'd miss me
But you still had to go
Finish out high school
But I'd miss you so

Senior year we kept in touch
Talked every night
I wasn't sure how you felt
But I thought 'maybe she might...?'

Then you told me how you'd felt
Way back in second grade
That you loved it when I'd chase you
At church on all those sundays

And I knew there was no doubt
You still wanted to be mine
And when you moved here for college
I knew it would be just fine.

We dated for real then
Together all the time
Until the day I got down on one knee
And asked you to be mine

I just about exploded
When you said yes
I'd always dreamed of that day
And to see you in a white dress

Then that lvoely day in June
When we said 'I do'
I was happier than ever
Now I had you

And now we sit together
On the front porch swing
Watching our kids play
And just wondering

If they'll have a story
As romantic as ours
Of our love that stretched high
And even reached the stars.

I love you my dear"
He said with a smile
"I'll always remember our story
I won't forget for a while."

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on Aug. 21 2009 at 6:35 pm
jennee21_ann GOLD, Helper, Utah
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wow! great piece. very emotional and very sweet. for sure a "best guy and girl" relationship turning to a "boyfriend girlfriend" explained it perfectly. this is really good. i love it. 5 stars :) also check out some of my work and comment, i love the opinions.

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