to my soulmate

August 20, 2009
The curves slide together,
Harder and filled with love.
Yes, this is the way we kiss.
Tangled and squeezing tighter,
The force of each others pull.
Yes, this is the way we hug.
The wrinkles deep engraved surrounding my eyes,
Blushed cheeks aching.
Yes, this is the way you make me smile.
Twisting and turning,
Memories shooting all over.
Yes, this is when I cant stop thinking of you.
Tingles and butterflies,
Beads of sweat in the lines of my palms.
Yes, this is my reaction of you near.
Pounding and complete,
All of the above wrapped in one.
Yes, this is me loving you.

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SilverDawn said...
Dec. 6, 2009 at 6:40 pm
WHOA, i LOVE your descriptions so muchh!! Awesome poem, really, it's gorgeous (:
I just think that maybe seperating it into groups of three lines for each idea. When I read the beginning, I hadn't known you'd finished describing the kiss and had moved on to the hug, and so I was quite confused D: I understand now, and that's a small, minor thing that doesn't really matter but just a suggestion (: Keep writing!!
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