August 19, 2009
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Let me have a taste of
your tenderness.
Let me have a taste of your sweet love.
The love that you give me is too much.
I don’t deserve it but you say I do.
The things you say to me,
only you would say.
Let me give you my heart.
It’s was broken put you put the pieces
back together.
We’re exact opposites but I don’t
care if they get or not.

Let me give rid of all your doubts.
I haven’t loved anyone like I love you.
You were the one who broke down all my walls.
The walls I put around my heart to shield myself from you.
I thought you would be like everyone else.
They fell everytime you said, I love you.
Let our love go beyond our limits.
Because love with limitations won’t last long.
My heart doesn’t lie to you.
You know me and I know you.
When you feel my love in your heart,
that’s when you know it’s real.
And it never leaves.

True love hardly makes mistakes.
I know because I’m with you, my true love.
You told me that when you first saw me,
you felt love and that it was real.
So real that you said you felt like
you knew me your whole life.

People can say that we’re not meant to be.
That love isn’t you and me.
I ignore them because they don’t see
what I see in you.
They can say that I’m blind.
They can say that I’m crazy.
I’m crazy in love.
But what we have is real.

Look at me without fear holding you back.
Look at me because I want to feel your love.
Usually I’m the one who’s scared for
letting it go this far.
But baby, you know we’re meant to be.
Talk to me because I want to hear your voice.
It’s the most beautiful voice I’ve heard.
It’s the voice of angel that God has sent me.

When you put your arms around me,
I give myself to you.
When you put your lips on mine,
I feel your love take over me.
You render me powerless and I melt in your arms.
When you say those three words,
I’m reminded that you’re mine.
I say,
I love you too.

They can say that I’m blind but they don’t
know what we have.
They can tell me that I’m too young.
Too young to be this in love with someone.
They can say that I’m crazy.
I’m crazy in love.
But I don’t care because what we have is real.

Let me have a taste of your sweet lips.
Let me be with the person I love.
My heart tells you the truth.
You know me and I know you,
because our love is real.

The author's comments:
This piece is inspired by the spanish song, "Es De Verdad" by Belinda. There are some lines of the song in the poem but most is original.

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