Always Here

August 19, 2009
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I am the bald eagle
Soaring in the sky
I can do most anything
I just have to try.

Sitting on a gnarly branch
I watch, I sleep, I call
Out into the darker night
My voice feels very small.

I can travel far and wide
Across where you’ve not seen
Smell the mist above the sea
Kiss the grass that’s always green.

I am the bald eagle
Soaring in the sky
Even when my feathers moisten
I will always dry.

I’ll do tricks for you if
You like jumps and spins
And though I do not speak your tongue
I know when you’ve told sins.

I am the bald eagle
Soaring in the sky
If you look closely
You can see me cry.

The life I lead is a circle
Round and round I go
On my branch I sit and watch
The plants begin to grow.

The only thing that I live for
Is to hear you sing,
When you visit my old soul,
Flowers you may bring.

I’m embedded into branches
Of the ugly trees
Climb me always, up and up,
Balance with your knees.

You’re the reason that I live
To see beyond my day,
And I hope one time my branch
Is where your head will lay.

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