You Felled My Ring To The Ground

August 19, 2009
By katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
katie_k SILVER, Los Altos Hills, California
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Do you read my face
As you stand here before me?
I feel anxious though I feel calm
I feel happy though I feel sad
I feel powerful though I feel weak
Yet you make this all possible
For me.

I bought this dress
The weapon of my affection
My hair has been curled
Wrapped into locks, I feel lost
I hold these flowers
Red like the blood, like the love
You stand here before me
In your black suit and tie
And there, you drop it, and there, it falls
Straight to the ground.

Why don’t you pick it up?
Slide it on my finger
Like you said that you should
Like you said that you could
LIke you promised you would
Whoever knew I’d be here while
You felled my ring to the ground.

Crumble, paste it, tear that, tape it
Shred that, glue it, rip that, staple
Our love coaster was tipping
It was at its peak
The children were screaming when just, just
You felled my ring to the ground
And the children died in the color of my roses
When five seconds before, they could have been laughing
They were crying
My eyes are crying
I know what this means
I know who you are
You aren’t what you should be.
You aren’t what you could be.
You aren’t what you promised that you would be.

Take off that black suit
Wipe that frown off your face
You don’t want to be Hear me out.
This is not what was planned
The floor’s not my hand
What were you meaning to do,
Sweetie, Baby, Honey, so shady

Thankyou for what you have done here
I am done here too, you know
My parents may cry but everyone knows
I wanted to be here even less than you
It is not you that I want to marry
It is you that I should marry
It is you that I could marry
It is you that I promised I would marry
But we all break them and paste them
Don’t we all? We all. Here is us,
Or rather, what is left.

Everyone knows that it was me
All along it was me.
I knew this could happen and
I knew even more that this would happen
In fact, everyone knows,
That it was I, yes it was I, who pushed
That ring from your hands.
Ripped it from your fingers with one
Beautiful swoop of my nails.

You felled my ring to the ground.

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